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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Release Train Participation

> My answer to this is the following (note this is clearly just my opinion...other opinions/views on the value here are most welcome).

Thanks for the invite :-)

> Once upon a time, the main benefit of the simultaneous release to the ECF community was 'exposure/marketing'.  Back when the simultaneous release was new, it was a big deal...and got lots of attention from the consuming community (both end-user developers and businesses).

My view of the simultaneous release is that it solves a very real consumption problem.  Prior to its advent, consumers had to search far and wide for the right downloads/repos, guess at what version to get and hope that it all works.  Things have improved somewhat but not nearly to the point where the simultaneous release is obsolete. IMHO we do this for our consumers.  

I completely understand the resource problem but have an honest question. What is the real incremental cost of being on the train?  You don't have to do a new or extra release for the train.  You could contribute the current released version of ECF to Indigo with no additional work other than the must dos.

As for the train requirements, yeah, that is a burden.  However, I'd argue that they are in place, for the most part, to help our consumers. They are likely good things for your consumers too.  There are sure to be some that are less relevant to RT-ish projects.  We should seek to change this or get exemptions where it makes sense.  From what I can see though the real work of being on the train is doing a release. So is the question "should ECF do releases" or "should ECF be on the train"?

> In my opinion, however, the value of the simultaneous release to communities like ECF's has gone down...and the costs of participation have gone up over the past few years (i.e. my previous note).  The simultaneous release itself is no longer very 'new' to lots of folks (users/consumers of Eclipse RT technology and/or Eclipse)...and so doesn't really result in much improved exposure/distribution for participating projects (like ECF).

Not being in the Indigo repo would significantly dampen exposure and consumption in my opinion. The Helios repo is a very convenient and trusted location to get Eclipse components.


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