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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Release Train Participation

Does this mean that ECF will be removed from the main download repository?

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 9:58 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12/15/2010 11:47 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
>> <stuff deleted>
>> Additionally, I am not really sure it's worth the efforts anyway. What's
>> the benefit for the ECF community if we are part of Indigo?
> My answer to this is the following (note this is clearly just my
> opinion...other opinions/views on the value here are most welcome).
> Once upon a time, the main benefit of the simultaneous release to the ECF
> community was 'exposure/marketing'.  Back when the simultaneous release was
> new, it was a big deal...and got lots of attention from the consuming
> community (both end-user developers and businesses).
> In my opinion, however, the value of the simultaneous release to communities
> like ECF's has gone down...and the costs of participation have gone up over
> the past few years (i.e. my previous note).  The simultaneous release itself
> is no longer very 'new' to lots of folks (users/consumers of Eclipse RT
> technology and/or Eclipse)...and so doesn't really result in much improved
> exposure/distribution for participating projects (like ECF).
> Also, IMHO EF marketing for the simultaneous release no longer does ECF much
> good at all...because the EF marketing pretty much ignores whatever ECF
> does.  IMHO they are almost exclusively focused on supporting the commercial
> membership's marketing needs (as distinct from the project marketing
> needs)...and since ECF isn't run by any single company (i.e. it actually has
> a diverse project membership) we don't get any real marketing value from the
> EF.
> Still there are *some* remaining exposure/marketing benefits from the
> simultaneous release, IMHO.  These are my $0.03.
> Scott
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