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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Generic Server

Bill Michell wrote:
On 6 Jan 2010, at 15:36, Bill Michell wrote:

But another reply has made me think of jabber. We've got an internal jabber system already - is it worth me investigating that route?

Well, I can confirm that the editor sharing functionality is enabled when I connect to our Jabber server. Major success.

Great. I'm very glad to hear it. I've noticed that you've filed documentation bugs as well...that's highly appreciated...thank you. I would further request that if you and/or others use and get value out of parts of ECF that you consider other ways to contribute to/support the project and/or committers going forward...e.g. by building proprietary extensions/additions (that you can/should productize if you wish), contributing coding back to ECF, helping with the creation and maintenance of documentation, finding/reporting/fixing bugs, providing support directly to other community members, or contracting with ECF committers. All of these are useful ways to support the project and make sure that we continue creating value and meeting your needs.

I say this because unlike most EF projects, ECF is not a corporate-member run or sponsored project...and most of the committers that work on ECF has to make a living well as find time to work on ECF (providing support/documentation/bug fixes/new functionality, etc). My main desire for the project these days is to get to a model that connects the value creation that we've done and are continuing to do with the ongoing community needs (for support, docs, bug fixes/new functionality) in a sustainable and scalable more and more people get the benefits of using ECF (which is a great thing for all involved). Unfortunately, I don't think we're there the circumstances can make it extremely difficult for the ECF committers to spend the time on ECF that's warranted/desired/required by the community. I wish I could do all that's necessary here by myself, but frankly I can't. Sorry about the speech. In any event, thanks Bill and please do let us know how we can help further.


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