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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Generic Server

Hi Bill,

Bill Michell wrote:
I'm about to start my first development project with a significant offshore element, and I'm evaluating ECF as a collaboration tool. In particular, I'm interested in the shared editing capabilities - presumably this means DocShare and COLA.

Yes, that's right. We are also currently working on a Google Wave-based provider...i.e. but this is not done by any means.

However, I'm having difficulty navigating through all the documentation to find any discussion of how to start working - most of what I've found now seems to be deprecated.

As far as I can see, ECF adds 4 things to the Eclipse GUI that may or may not be relevant:

The Communications perspective

This is just a UI element to contain all the other ECF examples UI elements.

The Connect to Provider button
The Connect Workspace to Collaboration Group button

These connect to the 'IM providers' and the 'ECF generic' provider respectively. These should probably be I've opened bug for this.

Supposedly, there is a context menu entry added to text editors labelled Share Editor With... - though I've never successfully seen this.

Yes. This appears on the context menu of the editor that you wish to share only when

a) you are *connected to* an IM provider (e.g. XMPP)
b) your roster/contacts list has at least one active/online user

There is a lot of documentation about starting up a Generic Server under Equinox, but this seems to be outdated - and I have seen suggestions that it doesn't support DocShare anyway.

That's currently correct...the generic server doesn't support docshare. The reason for this is simply that docshare (as an example app), hasn't been implemented on the server side of things (i.e. without a real editor/ui). It's not a big technical job to do so, but it just hasn't been done.

My Eclipse is 3.5.1 Build id: M20090917-0800, and my ECF is Eclipse Communication Framework SDK 3.1.0.v20091012-1618.

I really need to host any required server component internally for security and stability reasons.

As much as I would like to, as project lead I cannot commit to my own resources necessary to do this for you in the short term. One suggestion: If you like, you can/could contract with one of the relevant ECF committers to create this server component for you. It would, in my opinion, have some broader value (e.g. as part of a possible product) as well, so it would be very valuable as something to also consider contributing back to the ECF community.

Another option would be to host/run your own XMPP server...such as Jive's Wildfire, or ejabberd.

Can you please point me in the right direction - if documentation currently exists, please point me to the bit that covers stuff that hasn't been deprecated...

I've found but this refers to ECF 2.0, so far as I can tell...

You are of course correct that the documentation needs to be updated in several areas (docshare, server, remote services). That is one of the pending items on the ECF plan for please stay tuned. It be a great help if you and others would consider filing bugs on the obsolete documentation so that we can address the high need areas first.



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