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Re: [ecf-dev] trouble creating proxy, when my service interface is in a distinct bundle

Hi David,

David Donohue wrote:
For the record, I got my ECF setup working.  There was something about
the bundle containing my service interface that the classloader did
not like.  I ended up removing this bundle, and creating a new bundle
from scratch, and configuring it identically, and now it works.
So i am now able to dynamically register ECF servers and services at
startup time or at runtime, using 2 Eclipse extensions.

Thanks for letting me/us know...I was just going to try to reproduce the problem today...but I guess this won't be necessary.

In any case, I've now completed the testing of the OSGi remote services standard implementation, and it's working properly for ecf generic, r-osgi, activemq/jms providers. I've also hooked up the javagroups and xmpp providers, but these haven't been fully tested yet (they happen to reuse the same remote services module that the ecf generic and jms providers do so I'm quite confident things will work smoothly).



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