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Re: [ecf-dev] trouble creating proxy, when my service interface is in a distinct bundle

I was able to get things working by moving my service interface code
to a bundle fragment, and registering my ECF client bundle as the host
of that fragment.  For some reason it seems that ECF requires that any
service to be registered must either reside in the same bundle as that
which is creating the ECF client container, or the service must be in
a fragment of that ECF client container bundle.

Thanks for your help!  This one took me many hours to figure out, as I
was not getting much help from console debug/error output.  E.g. when
I created the container using this method

containerFactory.createContainer(protocol, new Object[] {serverUri, port});

I got no error message at all; only the ECF connection silently
failed.  Only when I tried using this method:
did I get an error message which directed me to this problem with class loaders.

David Donohue

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 9:27 PM, David Donohue <dd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Scott,
>> Usually, this error is because the bundle that contains the interface (i.e.
>> class) is not exporting the
>> package.
> Yes I thought of that.  My MANIFEST.MF is in fact exporting the
> package in question:
> Export-Package:
> Any other ideas come to mind?  Many thanks,
> David Donohue

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