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Re: [ecf-dev] trouble creating proxy, when my service interface is in a distinct bundle


Some background:
In integrating ECF into my Equinox OSGi/Eclipse RAP application, I
decided to create a couple extension types like the one you described.

This extension tells an application to listen to register
cftcp:// as a container.

This extension registers that the app is to produce a service using
the generic container type, for the IHello service:
So bundles in my app can easily contribute a specification for which
ECF servers to listen for, using which protocols, and which ECF
services they produce or consume.  To consume a service, any bundle in
my app can do this
Servicer servicer = Servicer.getInstance();
IHello hello1 = servicer.getServiceObject(IHello.class,
"ecftcp://localhost:3787/server1");"hello1.hello() to hello1 service object returns: " + hello1);

So my setup is a little complex, and that certainly confounds things.
End background.

To answer your questions:

> a) What version of Eclipse/Equinox is being used?

> b) What version of ECF/remote services is being used  (i.e. the 'new
> stuff' your workspace...or some previous version of ECF...i.e. which
> one?)
I am using what you provided me earlier, 3.1

> c) What ECF provider are you using (I assume you are using the ECF generic
> client/server provider, but want to verify).
yes, generic client/server

> d) Can you describe the case where things *don't* work (i.e. you get the
> class not found exception) terms of the bundles and classes?  e.g.
> 'bundle A' has the service interface class (and what/if any other classes),
> 'bundle B' has the service implementation class(es), 'bundle C' has the
> client application code (and perhaps makes the ECF client container),
> 'bundle D' has the server...or whatever the bundle/package/class arrangement
> looks like for your situation.
I have found lots of cases where things don't work :)
My source is here
So when things were not working:
Bundle had service interface class IHello, and the
implementation class Hello.  [I have since turned off exporting of its
package and placed the interface in the fragment, bundle]
Bundle org.inqle.ecf.client has the client and declares the
"ecfServer" extension point.
Bundle org.inqle.ecf.server has the server
Bundle org.inqle.ecf.common has the "ecfService" plugin type.
When I had the above setup, I experienced the error I reported earlier.
When I moved the IHello and Hello classes into bundle
org.inqle.ecf.client (or into a fragment thereof) then it worked.

I hope this helps.  Sorry to dump so much detail on you!
David Donohue

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