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Re: [ecf-dev] trouble creating proxy, when my service interface is in a distinct bundle

Hi David,

Everything is checked in now to CVS...and I'm testing it as we for those that are able/willing to get the source it's available for testing right now. We have to discuss with the community (i.e you and others) when we could be ready for another release (ECF 3.2). I have a little more work to do (< 1 week), and I want to have as much testing as possible (along with the attendant bug reporting and fixing), and we need to go through the Eclipse Foundation minor release process, but it's probably possible for us to have a minor release (3.2) in mid-late Feb or early March (before EclipseCon 2010). Any comments from anyone about release timing, etc would be most appreciated...and any offered assistance on build setup, testing of new features (i.e. I've created a set of features to allow people to *just* install the remote services-relevant bundles of ECF rather than the entire SDK...and we could use help with the build/deploy of these new features from the community).



David Donohue wrote:
Wow Scott, cool!  I can't wait for your new implementation.  When will
it be ready for testing?
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