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Re: [ecf-dev] Automatically reconnect to XMPP server

Hi Scott,

ECF has notification of disconnect...the notification is delivered as an instance of IContainerDisconnectedEvent/IContainerEjectedEvent via IContainerListener.handleEvent. IContainerListeners are added via IContainer.addListener(IContainerListener). So if you wish, you may initiate automatic reconnect using this notification.

I actually tried that, but some of the higher-level services did not "survive" the reconnect. This might have been a problem in our code, I did not investigate this further.

The primary thing about this is moving from Smack 2.2.1 to 3.X (most recent). I think we should attempt to coordinate and schedule work via in coordination with the work by Nuwan's gsoc project on the google services provider (which is also using/extending xmpp provider), [...]

Can you point me to some information about that gsoc project?

Jorg...are you able/willing to contribute work on the xmpp provider (e.g. help with the move to Smack 3.0.0)? I will, of course, coordinate the different work threads that are focused on the xmpp provider.

Yes. I can work on this for the next week and try to integrate the latest version of Smack with ECF in that time. :-)


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