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[ecf-dev] Automatically reconnect to XMPP server


in the project I'm currently working on, we would like to automatically reconnect to an XMPP server if the connection fails. Smack version 3.1 supports this, so I have tried upgrading to Smack 3.1 (using the patch from [1]). However, I found out that when ECF's XMPP provider receives an event that the connection was closed, it then calls the XMPPConnections disconnect method, after which the XMPPConnection no longer attempts to reconnect to the server.

So now my question is: is there already some other way in ECF to automatically reconnect? If not, would it make sense to implement this in the XMPP provider (based on the support from Smack)? Obviously that would work only if the higher layers such as remote services can handle a disconnect/reconnect of the underlying connection.



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