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[ecf-dev] regarding video chat - specific google services provider

Hi all,

This is regarding the GSoC project I am working on : Specific google services provider. I am intending to implement support for video chat in gtalk as well, but I am having quite a hard time finding necessary information. Even basic information is pretty much hard to find due to very low documentation related to gtalk video functionality. I am yet to figure out whether they are using the libjingle  or standard jingle for video chat. (my guess is its libjingle - since they used it for voice chat, but libjingle has no what-so-ever detailing about the video chat, making it impossible to move along with video chat as of now). 

Is there anyone who knows about gtalks protocol usage for video chat (or any documentation related to gtalk video chat).

Nuwan Samarasekera
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Moratuwa.

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