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  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 342788] CDT tag 7.0.2 is missing in git repo, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 359445] New: CDT main features for 8.0.1 are still at 8.0.0, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 357170] New: a couple license files missing, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 353201] New: Releng support for EDC, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 304568] [ubuntu] Unable to install eclipse-cdt, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 351157] New: Codan Source Plugin has incorrect Bundle-Name / Bundle-Vendor, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 349414] Installer is broken, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 316208] CDT git migration, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 346568] New: Update licenses, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 345659] New: Releng needs updating having switched to git., bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 341639] New: Provide p2 repository for nightly builds on Hudson, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 337748] New: Source bundles are missing for Traditional Memory Rendering Feature and p2, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 335503] New: Terminate Launched Binary Before Build, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 334219] New: 'CDT Main Features' category doesn't show up in 7.0.2 update site, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 328257] Galileo won't install CDT because cdt_linux.jar has been tampered with, bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 297311] Project meta-data needs improvement., bugzilla-daemon
  • [cdt-releng-inbox] [Bug 333052] New: Add Berkeley UPC toolchain feature to Indigo, bugzilla-daemon

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