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RE: [cdt-dev] Renaming "DSF Disassembly"

At 10:32 AM 2/19/2010, John Cortell wrote:
since the most frequently actions should be accessible in the toolbar. 

BTW, I just want to point out the guideliness I was referring to go beyond screen real-estate considerations. They deal with the nature of the action (what they do/act-on). I wish I could remember where I'd seen them.

A co-worker sent me a link to the guidelines:

Here is the relevant text. I'll inject that I've found quite a few violations of the specific guideline I've highlighted in red, but I guess the guideline does support  current DSF Disassembly view approach of duplicating the actions.

Use the view pulldown menu for presentation commands, not selection-oriented commands.  These are commands which affect the presentation of the view, but not the objects within the view. Do not put presentation commands in the context menu. For instance, the Sort and Filter commands within the Navigator view affect the presentation of resources, but do not affect the resources themselves.

A context menu should be used for context sensitive interaction with the objects in a view.  If an object is selected in a view, and the context menu is opened, the context menu should only contain actions which are appropriate for the selection.  Actions which affect the presentation of the view should not appear in the context menu.

The toolbar is used to expose the most commonly used commands in a view.  Any command which appears in the toolbar must also appear in the menu (either the context menu or the view menu), but there is no need to duplicate every command in the menu within the toolbar.

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