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Re: [cdt-dev] Created make targets not saved to .cproject

On 7/25/08, Achim Bursian <abu.aud@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If it's of help for you, sure...
> We are working on several huge C++ projects, where the sources are kept
> in hierarchies of several hundred folders, subfolders, subsub...folders.
> Fr the build, we use imake and make. In every folder there is an
> Imakefile which is used to create a Makefile, which in turn recursively
> builds everything below that folder. As we have several different
> targets (embedded software), we need three or four CDT make targets in
> every folder (called 'host', 'targetA', 'targetB' etc.). These make
> targets do not call make directly, but instead call a wrapper script
> which sets some environment variables, calls imake and make.
> Now the plugin: It scans all folders in all C projects and creates the
> corresponding make targets if they don't exist yet.  This is done once
> on Eclipse startup, and on every resource change when a new Imakefile is
> added to the workspace (I have a ResourceChangeListener for that).  As a
> third way, it can be done with an action I added to the popup menu for
> Imakefiles and folders. All that is customizable on a preference page.
> All three ways call the same worker method in the end, which I quoted in
> my first posting. If it is of any use, I can give you the plugin source,
> too. But that won't help for my problem :-(
> -Achim

Sorry that I can't solve your immediate problem but I hope to discuss
some general solution which would suit you and me and perhaps others.
Some other people who use recursive make in each subfolder also
expressed a desire to have their own repeating set of targets in each
folder. Seems to be somewhat recurring issue. I was thinking that
perhaps those can be defined in a new tab (Make Targets) in
Preferences/New CDT Project Wizard/Makefile Project and Make Targets
View could display them in addition to user-made targets. Do you think
it's a good idea? In any case, thanks for sharing your workflow and
ideas and solutions, I really appreciate that.


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