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Re: [cdt-dev] Created make targets not saved to .cproject

If it's of help for you, sure...
We are working on several huge C++ projects, where the sources are kept in hierarchies of several hundred folders, subfolders, subsub...folders. Fr the build, we use imake and make. In every folder there is an Imakefile which is used to create a Makefile, which in turn recursively builds everything below that folder. As we have several different targets (embedded software), we need three or four CDT make targets in every folder (called 'host', 'targetA', 'targetB' etc.). These make targets do not call make directly, but instead call a wrapper script which sets some environment variables, calls imake and make. Now the plugin: It scans all folders in all C projects and creates the corresponding make targets if they don't exist yet. This is done once on Eclipse startup, and on every resource change when a new Imakefile is added to the workspace (I have a ResourceChangeListener for that). As a third way, it can be done with an action I added to the popup menu for Imakefiles and folders. All that is customizable on a preference page. All three ways call the same worker method in the end, which I quoted in my first posting. If it is of any use, I can give you the plugin source, too. But that won't help for my problem :-(


Andrew Gvozdev wrote:

Hi Achim,

Can you give some more details what your plugin is doing? I am interested in that. Do I understand correctly that it looks at all C projects and automatically adds certain predefined targets if missing? The effect is that all projects always have the predefined targets? We are doing something similar. We have a plugin which generates make targets for a new project created by new project wizard. It works and there is no problem like yours but I am interested in better ways of doing that.


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