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Re: [cdt-dev] Minor bug (?) in make output parsing

On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 17:19 -0400, Alex Chapiro wrote:
> I'm not sure 100% that this is exactly what you are asking about. 
> Anyway... If you take a look on the project properties, you'll find 
> there a bunch of output parser. Most of them are tool specific. Besides 
> that, this is expandable set, it is possible to add new parser using 
> appropriate extension point.

Understood, and I will look in to that. I'm not clear at the moment
whether this should be handled as a new parser or as a modification to
the existing parsers. ccache is a "wrapper" for existing compile chains.
Let me go dig in to that as a good way to learn my way around the tool


Given that I am now getting a successfully preprocessed AST, shouldn't
the call graph view reflect the information in that AST (when full
indexing is used), or is the call graph generated independently?


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