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[cdt-dev] Small "getting started" help needed.

We're starting a slicing and analysis project under contract to the US
Navy. I expect that at least some of the results will get contributed
back to the community. I'm still spinning up, and I haven't gotten
answers to the following questions on the mailing list.

Broadly, I have a bunch of questions about theory of operation issues in
CDT, so I suppose the primary question here is: what to read and in what
order? I've looked at the online docs, and I'm getting API but not
principles. perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.

Immediate questions:

1. There is a parser that parses the output of a "make" session. What
   is the best way to see its results? Is there a visualizer or at
   least a properties page, or do I need to go build one? Any pointers
   on things I should look at here?

   I'm specifically after obtaining the compile command line and PWD
   information for each input file that was compiled.

2. The AST -- or at least the DOM visualized by the DOM viewer in the
   debug tools -- reflects a DOM that has not been preprocessed. I see
   why that is useful, but I need to extract an AST for the C code
   proper. Can this be done within the given framework? Ideally, is
   there a visualizer I can look at as a starting point for how to
   get it?

Context on this is that we need to do some fairly hardcore static
analysis, and we're going to be building whatever we must in order to do
that. If we can re-use the AST from the CDT, so much the better. If not,
then I guess we need to build borrow or steal :-) a parser for our
purposes. I'ld prefer to stay within the CDT framework as far as we can
both for plug-compatibility and also because the incremental mindset in
its design is the right one for our purposes.

Thanks, and sorry for asking this on the wrong list. I'll try to keep my
future emails pertinent to development of CDT per se.


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