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Re: [cdt-dev] Minor bug (?) in make output parsing

I'm not sure 100% that this is exactly what you are asking about. Anyway... If you take a look on the project properties, you'll find there a bunch of output parser. Most of them are tool specific. Besides that, this is expandable set, it is possible to add new parser using appropriate extension point.

Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
Well, those of you who watched my earlier mail go by know that I was
having problems getting a proper AST out of a build. It turns out that
it is at least partly a make scanner problem.

All of our compile lines take the form:

   /usr/bin/ccache /coyotos/host/bin/i386-unknown-coyotos-gcc ...args...

It seems that the make output scanner doesn't know about ccache, and
therefore cannot parse this. No real surprise, I suppose, since this
usage has to be pretty rare.

I tweaked our makefiles to disable use of CCACHE, and I'm now getting
the AST that I expected.

Should the failure to handle ccache be considered a bug? If so, I'll
file one, and probably supply a patch along with it.

Curiously, now that I have a good AST I still am *not* getting a call
graph that reflects post-preprocessor code, even with full indexing
turned on. A procedure call that is hidden within a macro expansion does
not appear to be visible to the call graph generator. Is this expected,
or is this also something that should be filed as a bug?


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