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RE: [cdt-dev] Small "getting started" help needed.

> ...
> However, when I bring up kern_Process.c in the DOM 
> visualizer, what I see here is IASTPreprocessor... nodes. 
Yes, we know a bunch of things about the preprocessing and supply the
information in addition to the syntax tree. The preprocessor nodes are
independent of the other nodes (they will never have a parent-child
relation-ship to the other nodes). If you don't need them you can ignore

> ...
As you already guessed, most likely the configuration for the parser
lacks include-search paths and defines.

If you are using CDT 5.0 for a single file you can get some information
on how it was parsed by:
   Context menu of file - Index - Create Parser Log   (or similar)

Depending on what kind of scanner-discovery you are using you find the
result in different places:
per project discovery: Look into project properties - C/C++ - Paths &
per file discovery: Look into the *.sc-files found in the directory 
<your workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.make.core


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