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RE: [cdt-dev] Small "getting started" help needed.

On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 17:43 +0200, Schorn, Markus wrote:
> > ...
> > However, when I bring up kern_Process.c in the DOM 
> > visualizer, what I see here is IASTPreprocessor... nodes. 
> Yes, we know a bunch of things about the preprocessing and supply the
> information in addition to the syntax tree...

I wasn't specific enough. The IASTPreprocessor nodes are present, but
the cases of the switch that should be generated by the expansion of
those preprocessor statements are NOT present in the AST.

> As you already guessed, most likely the configuration for the parser
> lacks include-search paths and defines.

That is what seems most likely. As an aside, let me add that I'm really
impressed at the ability of the DOM Parser to recover a more than
marginally sensible DOM from this input in the absence of preprocessing.
Especially so given that the expansions probably do NOT correspond
precisedly to any particular grammar reductions in this case.

> If you are using CDT 5.0 for a single file you can get some information
> on how it was parsed by:
>    Context menu of file - Index - Create Parser Log   (or similar)

Currently running 4.0.3, but figured on moving forward to whatever is
current when Ganymede releases.

I'm not new to IDE development, but I'm a complete beginner with
Eclipse, so not sure how to obtain CDT 5.0. Oh. Yes, now I see that.

> Depending on what kind of scanner-discovery you are using you find the
> result in different places:
> per project discovery: Look into project properties - C/C++ - Paths &
> Symbols

Looked there. The only stuff that is being picked up is the built-in
include paths. Nothing in the Symbols panel, for example. Somewhat
disturbingly, also nothing in the source locations panel beyond the top
level project directory.

So here's what I'm thinking at this point:

  1. Need to disable our use of ccache, since that may be a contributing
     factor. If that clears the whole thing up I'll certainly report it

  2. Should try upgrading to CDT 5.0 and see what I can learn.

Before I head off to look into all that and quit bothering you good
people :-) are there other, existing visualizers that I should be aware

Thanks *very* much.


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