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AW: [cdt-dev] New build system questions

Hi Mikhail,


>> But:

- When I add the internal builder to my toolchain, the build settings tab

does show the internal builder and the external builder (+makefile

generation). I have not even added an external builder which supports

makefile generation. I just want the internal builder to be selectable.

[Mikhail] I agree. I think that in case the tool-integrator specifies the Internal Builder to be used with the tool-chain we should disable the "External Builder" switch. Please raise a bug regarding this and we’ll fix this.




>>- When I add an external builder (gnu make builder) still both

(internal+external) builders show up. But I only added the external builder.

I just want the external builder to be selectable.

[Mikhail] Generally this is the same behavior as was in 3.x. And it seems correct to me, i.e. in case when the external builder is provided by default, the user can always switch to use the Internal Builder instead. Why don’t you want the Internal Builder to be selectable for you in this case?


[Sascha] Actually, my goal was to add the external builder without makefile generation support. I achived this goal by adding the external builder and adding a tool wich does not support managed build. Only the external builder is selectable now.


Anyway, when adding an external builder _with_ generation support I would still expect only this builder to be selectable. Simply because I only added the external builder and not the internal one. So why should the internal builder show up? I see the backward-compatibility issue. But from the toolchain development point of view, I would expect only those builders to be selectable which I have added to my tool chain. This does not affect me right now (as I have figured out), but there might be vendors who implement some special external builder, which cannot be replaced by the internal builder. I don’t know.



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