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[cdt-dev] Indexer Include Browser does not handle conditional recursive inclusion properly


Consider I have a file (file1.h) that includes file2.h and file2.h that include file1.h as shown below

#ifndef FILE1_H
#define FILE1_H

#include "File2.h"

#endif // FILE1_H

#ifndef FILE2_H
#define FILE2_H

#include "File1.h"

#endif // FILE2_H

Then include browser will show only one path File1.h -> File2.h or File2.h -> File1.h

This result in showing in complete file inclusion. suppose File3.h includes File1.h and File4.h includes File2.h The one of the path will not be shown fully (i.e File3.h -> File1.h -> File2.h or File4.h -> File2.h -> File1.h).

This also effect searching for includedBy using the indexer.

Bug#179499  [ ]

- Janees

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