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[cdt-dev] New build system questions


I've just switched over to the new project model and I will provide feedback

But right now I have a hard time trying to setup my toolchain:
- I'd like to setup a toolchain which _only_ uses the internal builder
- I'd like to setup a toolchain which _only_ uses the external builder

- When I add the internal builder to my toolchain, the build settings tab
does show the internal builder and the external builder (+makefile
generation). I have not even added an external builder which supports
makefile generation. I just want the internal builder to be selectable.

- When I add an external builder (gnu make builder) still both
(internal+external) builders show up. But I only added the external builder.
I just want the external builder to be selectable.

Why is that ?

And I have not figured out yet, how to add a ProjectType to the default CDT
project types in the wizard (Executable, Static Lib, Shared Lib). I added
the build property
ldArtefactType.exe" to my project type, but this project type does still
appear as a seperate project type. What are the exact requirements for a
project type to appear as the new project model project types in the wizard?



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