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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 4.0 M6 Countdown

Hi Henning,


Please see my comments embedded below.




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* Something about the project settings pages:

    With the new project model, thing got a bit "bloated" there. Could

it be, that there are some kind of duplicate settings?

        1.)  C/C++ Build Variables, is this something like the symbol

defines in the Compiler settings page of GCC?

[Mikhail] The CDT Build variables are actually the same as “Build Macros” concept that was used in MBS and now migrated to the core. The main idea of this functionality is to allow defining and using the so-called “Build Variables”(“Build Macros”) in the string option settings (e.g. in include paths) in the form like ${macro_name} the macro gets expanded internally to its value when the option is used.


        2.)  C/C++ Export Settings,  see 1.),

[Mikhail] The idea of the “export settings” mechanism is to allow one project to export some of its settings and to allow those settings to be used by other projects referencing that project, e.g. in case the project builds the library, it can export its library and include path for the library being built. In this case when some other projects refer library project, their library and include path settings get automatically adjusted.

I agree that the name of this property page might be confusing, especially since the page contents seems similar to the contents of the “C/C++ paths and symbols”. Also this functionality was not debugged properly.

I think we can remove disable the “Export ”property page for the M6 and re-think its name and look-and feel to avoid further confusion.


        3.)  C/C++ Project paths and symbols, see 1.) and whats the

difference to settings 2.)

[Mikhail] This page is used to provide include/library/symbol path to the Core and Build System.


    If they are duplicates of C/C++ Build Settings for GCC, are they

merged together.

    I'm a little bit confused currently on how to try this stuff out.

    Its like, where the heck do I add my include paths and

library/libpaths, e.g. pthreads, or some other lib from another project.

    How to do this for Unixoid and how for Windows system?

[Mikhail] You should use the “C/C++ paths and symbols” page for that. In case of using the “Managed Build” mode (i.e. makefiles are generated automatically or the Internal Builder is used), you can as well set those settings in the “Tool Settings” tab of the “C/C++ Build settings” property page (as was in CDT MBS 3.x) the settings of that tab will be consistent with those displayed in the “C/C++ paths and symbols” page.

    Where to select the builder (Internal vs make vs mingw32-make),

[Mikhail] the builder settings are available in the “Builder settings” tab of the “C/C++ Build settings” property page

where to add toolchain paths, is this per PATH or do I add this in GCC

settings for each tool?

[Mikhail] Could you elaborate a bit more on this question? What kind of “tool-chain paths” to you need to add?








Doug Schaefer schrieb:


> Hey gang, good progress today. My sanity now passes (now using MinGW,

> woo hoo!). We still have a few bugs to clean up, though.



> 22 bugs found.




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