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RE: [cdt-dev] New build system questions

Hi Sascha,


Please see my comments embedded below.





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I've just switched over to the new project model and I will provide feedback



But right now I have a hard time trying to setup my toolchain:

- I'd like to setup a toolchain which _only_ uses the internal builder

- I'd like to setup a toolchain which _only_ uses the external builder



- When I add the internal builder to my toolchain, the build settings tab

does show the internal builder and the external builder (+makefile

generation). I have not even added an external builder which supports

makefile generation. I just want the internal builder to be selectable.

[Mikhail] I agree. I think that in case the tool-integrator specifies the Internal Builder to be used with the tool-chain we should disable the "External Builder" switch. Please raise a bug regarding this and we’ll fix this.


- When I add an external builder (gnu make builder) still both

(internal+external) builders show up. But I only added the external builder.

I just want the external builder to be selectable.

[Mikhail] Generally this is the same behavior as was in 3.x. And it seems correct to me, i.e. in case when the external builder is provided by default, the user can always switch to use the Internal Builder instead. Why don’t you want the Internal Builder to be selectable for you in this case?


Why is that ?



And I have not figured out yet, how to add a ProjectType to the default CDT

project types in the wizard (Executable, Static Lib, Shared Lib). I added

the build property


ldArtefactType.exe" to my project type, but this project type does still

appear as a seperate project type. What are the exact requirements for a

project type to appear as the new project model project types in the wizard?

[Mikhail] The way it works now that in case the ProjectType has specified a name (“name” attribute), it will appear as a separate entry in the project type list.

In order to be added to the “general” project type entries, the project type should NOT specify the custom name (i.e. should not have the “name” attribute) and should specify the “buildArtefactType” build property (e.g. buildProperties="

ldArtefactType.exe" as in your above example).

Please let me know if this does not work for you.












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