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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

> There are a few more aspects of the cdt that I can't get to work or else 
> am using in the wrong way. It'd be great if I could have some light shed 
> on these as well:
> * C Editor context menu:
> - Include - enabled but appears to do nothing.

It will work correctly when the new builder is commited.  The C Editor
does not know where to look and hardcoding "/usr/include" is probably
not the best way.  The code needs to know the include paths.

> - Run to C/C++ line always disabled.

It will be enable if you have a debugging session.

> - Add Expression always disabled.

It will be enable if you have a debugging session.

> * Project Context menu
> - Add Bookmark option is always disabled

Bug, please PR.
Was broken in moving from Eclipse-1.0 to 2.0

> * File context menu
> - Make option is always disabled

It will be until you add a target.  Or in the future it can
be populate by parsing a Makefile or asking the builder for a list.

> *How to constructively use / the purpose of:
> - the C/C++ Post Mortem Debugger

Core files.  Generate a core file and look at the backtrace and values.

> - Projects referencing others.

Helps the debugger finding sources.

> * If I check out a project from cvs, it is part of a repository 
> therefore all the files in the project have the "Team"  option in the 
> context menu available for updating, committing, etc... However if I 
> import this project into another Eclipse workspace, theTeam project 
> options are not available. Shouldn't it maintain the information that 
> the project is under cvs control because importing an existing project 
> into a workspace appears to only form a link to the other workspace. It 
> doesnt physically copy any files over.

The team/cvs plugin maintain its information in the .metadata so it is
not exported/shared.  If you want to "export" your project into
another workspace, that is probably not the right way to do it.
I do not really follow what you are trying todo.

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