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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

Alain Magloire wrote:

There are a few more aspects of the cdt that I can't get to work or else am using in the wrong way. It'd be great if I could have some light shed on these as well:
* C Editor context menu:
- Include - enabled but appears to do nothing.

It will work correctly when the new builder is commited.  The C Editor
does not know where to look and hardcoding "/usr/include" is probably
not the best way.  The code needs to know the include paths.

So I deduce from yours and David's replies that the option is supposed to determine the header a selected function is prototyped in and then include that file at the top. I presume this file must be either part of the project or one of the reference projects ?

However, this currently won't work until the new builder comes in...right?
So Is the new builder being committed before this release?



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