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Re: [cdt-dev] A few more clarifications

Alifiya Hussain wrote:
There are a few more aspects of the cdt that I can't get to work or else am using in the wrong way. It'd be great if I could have some light shed on these as well:
* C Editor context menu:
- Include - enabled but appears to do nothing.

It you select a function and it can determine the header that its prototyped in
(which is provided by a code completion contributor extension) is will then
add the #include at the top of the file.

- Run to C/C++ line always disabled.
- Add Expression always disabled.

Enabled if the file is in a project which is being debugged.

* Project Context menu
- Add Bookmark option is always disabled

Probably should no be there, could you enter a bug.

* File context menu
- Make option is always disabled

Add a make target to a project in the makeview and it will be then be enabled

*How to constructively use / the purpose of:
- the C/C++ Post Mortem Debugger

This is for analysis of a corefile/dumpfile, essentially the same as
--core= option in gdb?

- Projects referencing others.

A use for this  is when you have a lib project and a application project
which uses the lib if you make the application project reference the lib
project, the builder will ensue that the lib is built before the app.
Also for in the future when you perform searching/code assist/... it can
use this referenced projects list.

* If I check out a project from cvs, it is part of a repository therefore all the files in the project have the "Team" option in the context menu available for updating, committing, etc... However if I import this project into another Eclipse workspace, theTeam project options are not available. Shouldn't it maintain the information that the project is under cvs control because importing an existing project into a workspace appears to only form a link to the other workspace. It doesnt physically copy any files over.

Thanks a lot!


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