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  • Re: [4diac-dev] Proposal: Remove IEC 61499 System Importer, (continued)
  • [4diac-dev] 1.12.0 Feature Freeze Phase, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Committer election, Bianca Wiesmayr
  • [4diac-dev] GSoC - Generation of Unit-test code out of the component specification, Muhammad Usman
  • [4diac-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Bianca Wiesmayr on Eclipse 4diac, emo
  • [4diac-dev] Committer Election for Bianca Wiesmayr on Eclipse 4diac has started, emo
  • [4diac-dev] Redesign for 4diac applications, Bianca Wiesmayr
  • [4diac-dev] 4diac-ide: ST-array declaration syntax, Ernst Blecha
  • [4diac-dev] Handling of user defined variable names during export, Ernst Blecha
  • [4diac-dev] 4diac @ GSoC 2020, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] 1.11.3 Maintenance Release, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] I-place instance creation proposal, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Proposed new project layout, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Survey - Relevance of Open Source Research, Michelangelo Machado
  • [4diac-dev] Next 4diac release, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Survey about the Relevance of Open Source Research, Michelangelo Machado
  • [4diac-dev] Please, answer to this quick Survey -> The relevance of Open Source Research, Michelangelo da Rocha Machado ☁
  • [4diac-dev] Automatic Error Reporting Infrastructure, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Invitation to the 4days of 4diac Summit, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Improved OPC UA support for 4diac, Jose Cabral
  • [4diac-dev] 1.11.0 Release Preparation, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] 4diac Releases, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Creating a new 4diac ico file for windows, Alois Zoitl
  • [4diac-dev] Timeliterals in Lua, Jan Holzweber
  • [4diac-dev] NetOS/ThreadX, Martin Melik-Merkumians
  • [4diac-dev] Bug management, Martin Melik-Merkumians
  • [4diac-dev] Dynamic Type Loader Documentation, Jan Holzweber
  • [4diac-dev] Improved OPC UA, Jose Cabral
  • [4diac-dev] [LUA] Dynamic type loader test evaluation, Jan Holzweber
  • [4diac-dev] Proposal: Remove FBTester, Alois Zoitl

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