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Eclipse Foundation Community Awards

The Eclipse Foundation Community Awards recognize the best of the Eclipse community. This year, we will be giving out four awards: Top Committer, Top Newcomer Evangelist, Top Contributor, and Lifetime Achievement.


Top Committer

This award is to recognize the Eclipse committer who best exemplifies community support - through code contributions, fixing bugs, forum and mailing list posts, conference presentations, blogs and other areas.

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Top Newcomer Evangelist

This award is to recognize the individual who best welcomes, engages and educates new people into the Eclipse community through the user forums, blogging, creating resources like demos and tutorials, and Eclipse-related conversations on social media.

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Top Contributor

This award is to recognize an individual who best exemplifies support for the Eclipse community through their contributions to forums, submission of patches, comments on bugs, tutorials, conference presentations, blogs, and other areas. Contributors are the individuals that participate due to their passion for the community and technology. 

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Lifetime Achievement 

The Lifetime Achievement award is given to those individuals who have helped shape the Eclipse community through a long history of contributions to Eclipse projects, and active participation and leadership in our community.

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Nominations & Voting

Anyone can nominate a community member for any of the awards. Nominations will be collected May 3 to 28, 2021.

Award winners for the Top Committer, Top Newcomer Evangelist, and Top Contributor will be determined by a vote of the community. Each person will get to vote once per category from May 31 to June 28, 2021. The Lifetime Achievement award winner will be selected by the Eclipse Foundation team.

Important Dates

  • May 3: Nominations open
  • May 28: Nominations close
  • May 31: Voting begins
  • June 28: Voting ends
  • October 26: Winners announced

Past Winners

See the Past Winners of the Eclipse Community Awards.

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