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Eclipse Architecture Council Minutes

October 12, Esslingen, Germany

Present      Regrets
Doug Schaefer, QNX, Tools PMC no data
Don Ebright, Compuware
Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse
John Graham, Sybase, DTP
Richard Gronback, Borland
Sri Doddapaneni, Intel
Oisin Hurley, IONA
Yossi Leon, Zend
Wenfeng Li, Actuate, BIRT
Ed Merks, IBM, Modeling
Kai Nyman, Nokia
Valentina Popescu, IBM, TPTP
Michael Scharf, WindRiver, DSDP
Mark Weitzel, IBM
Tim Wagner, BEA
David Williams, IBM, WTP

Minutes / Discussion Items

(these notes are in logical rather than chronological order)

Public Mailing List Archives

The Architecture Council agrees that the mailing list should be archived and the archives open to the public. 

ACTION: [Bjorn FB] make it so

New Mentor Role for Architecture Council

After extensive discussion, the group concluded that they did not see mentoring new projects as a role for the Architecture Council. The primary objection related to the fact that most mentoring seemed to be around development process and this is the Architecture Council. The group agreed that mentoring was a good idea, if only as a way to extend the Technology and Tools PMCs on a temporary assignment basis. Additionally, the members of this council would be (for the most part) happy to serve on a new Mentoring Council.

Role of the Architecture Council

There was a rather lengthy discussion of what the role of the Architecture Council should be. Bjorn pointed out that the Council was been rather ineffective. Someone brought up that the council needs to have an action focused goal. Tim Wagner and others pointed out that meeting a few times a year for a few hours does not provide sufficient time to discuss and solve real architectural problems.

ACTION: [All] Bring ideas for such goals to the November conference call.

Ask The Architecture Council

Michael Scharf and Wenfeng Li will put together an "Ask The Architecture Council" forum. Perhaps the forum is just the cross-projects-issues-dev@ mailing list and the forum simply needs to be advertised. Irregardless, the idea that there is a forum for Committers to engage in a Q&A with the Architecture Council.

ACTION: [Michael S & Wenfeng L] Establish the forum.

Catalog of Consumable Components

Oisin Hurley and John Graham will start a catalog of consumable components as delivered from the individual projects.

ACTION: [Oisin H & John G] Define the structure of, and begin provisioning, the catalog.

JVM Issue

Each plug-in should specify its execution environment. The Architecture Council is not going to mandate or prohibit individual projects from moving to 1.5 as they see necessary to support their customers. For further discussion, the reader is referred to the previous council minutes.

HELD OVER ACTION: [Ed Merks, Michael Scharf] draft the initial wiki page describing the implications of changing to 1.5. 

Monthly Conference Calls

It was hard to tell what the consensus was. The group agreed to have a call in November for a report on the status of the two initiatives.

ACTION: [All] Conference call November 9th, 9am PT, noon ET, 6pm CET. 613.287.8000 or 866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

Notes taken and posted by Bjorn Freeman-Benson

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