Telemetry end-to-end

A package showing telemetry data acquisition end-to-end: Microcontroller firmware to cloud side data processing, using Drogue IoT and Apache Kafka in the process.

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Check the source

As all of this is open source, you can not only check the code of this package, you can also dive into the code of all backing projects.

A few noteworthy links specific to this package are:

Reach out

All projects participating in this package have their own communities and communication channels. Take a look, and maybe reach out to learn more or give some feedback:

What is next?

Here are a few ideas of what you could do next.

Add a new sensor value

If you want to make an end-to-end change, add another value from one of the micro:bit’s sensor to the data. This would include:

  • Adding the readout to the firmware
  • Reading it as part of the Kura addon example
  • Extracting it in the Ditto mapper, assigning it a new device feature
  • Mapping the field to a new cell in streamsheets.

Play with the visualization

Instead of just showing a plain value, you could play with the spreadsheet. Maybe start by showing Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? Or Kelvin? You can also show the last few values in a table.

Check out the Streamsheets project to learn more.