Helm chart repository

All the charts, in a single location.

The Eclipse IoT Packages™ project decided to host a Helm chart repository in order to share the effort of validating and publishing charts. Eclipse IoT projects are welcome to re-use that infrastructure to publish their charts, whether they are part of an IoT package or not. Of course projects can still host their own repositories and charts.

This repository is intended to work with Helm version 2 and 3. Features which work only with Helm 3 are labeled explicitly.

Adding the repository

You can add the repository with a simple command:

helm repo add eclipse-iot https://eclipse.org/packages/charts

This will add the repository, using the name eclipse-iot. Of course you may choose a different name here. Just take extra care when working through tutorials, as they will expect the name to be eclipse-iot.

After you have added the repository you should tell helm to download the index for its contents:

helm repo update

See the content Helm v3

You can browse through the content using:

helm search repo

If you also want the search to include charts that are still under development, e.g. alpha, beta and pre-release versions:

helm search repo --devel

If you want to search for charts only, then you can use

helm search repo iot-chart

and if you want to search for packages only

helm search repo iot-package

How chart publishing works

All chart changes will be verified by a Github action, this is done on every pull request.

Once a pull request is merged, the updated chart will be deployed by a Jenkins job. This job takes care of publishing the resources and generating an updated index.yaml.