Telemetry end-to-end

A package showing telemetry data acquisition end-to-end: Microcontroller firmware to cloud side data processing, using Drogue IoT and Apache Kafka in the process.

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The "Telemetry end-to-end" package demonstrates an end-to-end use case of acquiring sensor information, transmitting it to a cloud side solution, persisting and structuring the data, with the goal to process or visualize it.

The following diagram outlines the overall architecture of this package:

Architectural overview diagram

Drogue Device in combination with the Embassy runtime is the basis for the device firmware. The device will acquire a temperate value and announce this locally using Bluetooth.

Eclipse Kura is the IoT gateway, running on the edge and bridging the connectivity from Bluetooth to the TCP/IP based communication with the cloud.

Drogue Cloud is the cloud side IoT connectivity platform which handles the MQTT connection, authentication the peer, normalizes the device specific communication, and forwards events to the Kafka topic.

Eclipse Ditto reads from Kafka, normalizes the data structures, extracts and persists its. Sending off the detected changes to the Streamsheets internal MQTT broker.

Eclipse Streamsheets visualizes the structured data received from Ditto in an end-user friendly way.