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Support for Object Teams


Should you have any questions regarding Object Teams the primary place to ask is the Object Teams forum.

Bug Tracking

When searching existing bugs or reporting new bugs against any Object Teams component please select:

Classification: Tools
Component: Any of OTDT, OTEquinox, OTJ, OTJPA or Releng

You may use these links as shortcuts:

Please use the components as follows:

OTJProblems relating to the language implemention of OT/J, such as incorrect compiler messages, wrong byte code, unexpected runtime behaviour
OTDTProblems relating to any aspect of the OT/J IDE (editing, views, debugging etc.).
OTEquinoxProblems relating to executing plugins written in OT/J.
OTJPAProblems relating to persisting OT/J programs using EclipseLink (JPA)

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