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Getting involved with Object Teams


ASK: Should you have any questions regarding Object Teams the primary place to ask is the Object Teams forum.


READ: Categories of the Object Teams Wiki:

Source code

CHECK-OUT: Our source code is managed in this GIT Repository.
Repository content:

forked versions of jdt plug-ins: org.eclipse.jdt.core and corresponding tests
all plug-ins for OT/J, OT/Equinox and the OTDT
the features used to build and provision OT/Equinox and the OTDT
JUnit Plug-in Tests for the OTDT
Scripts and map files for building and testing the OTDT, see OTBuilding in the wiki for more information.
sources that are used indirectly: otdt-examples (as zip files inside plug-in org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.samples) and JCLMin1.5 (class library stubs used by tests).
POM files for distributing and using OT/J in maven builds.
Projects not included in the regular OTDT distribution (currently a prototype for adding annotation based null-analysis to the JDT).
For development in the IDE it is recommended to install Eclipse from these components:

BUILD: For basic steps to compile/build/deploy see OTDevelopmentSetup.

CONTRIBUTE: We welcome everybody interested in contributing.

Please find the list of past and present Contributors in the wiki.

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