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Object Teams - Download

All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified.

Stable Release 2.5.x for Eclipse 4.6 (Neon)

Object Teams is part of the Neon simultaneous release. This means, no further URL must be configured for installing the OTDT and/or OT/Equinox, simply select the Neon - software site and open the Programming Languages category.
Download A specific repository containing just Object Teams 2.5.x can be found at

Release 2.5:

 Required Eclipse Version Command Line CompilerNew & NoteworthyBugs Fixed
OTDT 2.5.3 Update Release — (2017/03/23)
Note: final version 2.5.3 is available only from Download
  Eclipse SDK 4.6.3 ecotj.jar  
OTDT 2.5.2 Update Release — (2016/12/21)
  Eclipse SDK 4.6.2 ecotj.jar  
OTDT 2.5.1 Update Release — (2016/09/28)
  Eclipse SDK 4.6.1    
OTDT 2.5.0 Final Release — (2016/06/22)
  Eclipse SDK 4.6 ecotj.jar  

Howto Install

Nothing special, just...
  1. Install Eclipse SDK 4.6 (you may also use your favorite Eclipse Package but it has to be exactly 4.6 for OTDT 2.5).
  2. Open "Help > Install New Software ..."
  3. Choose Neon - software site and open the Programming Languages category.
  4. Select these features
    • Object Teams Development Tooling: the IDE for Object Teams
    • Object Teams Equinox Integration: runtime required by the above feature
    • Optionally: Object Teams Equinox Integration - Turbo Add-On: special features of OT/Equinox
  5. Recommended: un-check "Contact all update sites during install to find required software"
  6. Click through the wizard upto and including the required restart of Eclipse.
Some hints on how you may check the installation:
  • Browse content from the welcome page or from help ("Object Teams Development User Guide").
  • Find new icons in "About Eclipse SDK" dialog
  • From this about dialog click through to the plug-ins of "Eclipse RCP" and scroll to the "Workbench" plug-in:
    You should see a note that this plug-in is adapted by two Object Teams plug-ins.
  • Install a shipped OT/J example via "File > New > Example ...", one of
    • Stop Watch Example (easiest).
    • Observer Example (straight forward).
    • Flight Bonus Example (comprehensive, high density of OT/J concepts).
    • Order System Example (comprehensive, not quite as dense).
    • ATM Example (special demo for guard predicates).

Previous Releases for Eclipse 3.3 - 4.5

Retention Policy

  • Official releases (incl. service releases) will never be removed from the server
    (old versions may be moved to the archive site, though)
  • Milestone builds will be kept until the final release
  • No such promises are made for any intermediate ("unstable") versions

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