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Nebula Gallery Widget


This SWT widget displays images or items in a grid-like presentation. Gallery is very useful to display images in a photo viewer or files in an explorer-like view.


  • Tree and Table based API : Gallery is a drop-in replacement of Table and Tree (except columns which are not supported and 2 item levels limitation).
  • Fully customizable appearance : Gallery uses pluggable renderers for groups and items. 2 items renderers and 2 group renderers are available out of the box, but you are free to totally change item ordering and appearance. Custom paint events are also available to inject item drawing code.
  • Designed for speed : SWT.VIRTUAL supported, layout and drawing supports TONS of items at full speed.
  • Photo specific features : drop shadow, dynamic drawing quality<, real-time item resizing
  • JFace viewer : drop-in replacement for TableViewer and TreeViewer
  • Animation : smooth visual effects on all platforms including Bounce and Elastic effects. Animation API can be used to animate RCP applications.
  • Decorators : built-in decorator support for best results with large images and dynamic size

TRY IT : The best way to play with all Gallery features is to install the Nebula Examples.

QUICK START : Look at the Snippets. Other snippets are available on git.

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