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Nebula CompositeTable Widget


30 second introductory screencast
(Make sure your speakers are on)

CompositeTable is a custom SWT grid control that:

  1. Gives you control over the layout of your rows
  2. Automatically edits in place using any SWT control
  3. Manages CRUD operations simply and automatically
  4. Requests only visible data using a virtual table API for maximum scalability and performance.

Project News:

  • 2/26/2008 - Normalized the row depart event firing; improved focus event handling. v0.9.4
  • 1/25/2008 - Fixed an AIOOBE, improved control alignment, scroll wheel handling, added single row refresh API. v0.9.3
  • 2/5/2007 - Added new delete listener method; added RowDeleteAdapter; added command API. v0.9.2.1
  • 2/3/2007 - Fixed several redraw bugs plus bug #164419. v0.9.2
  • 1/30/2007 - Added movable, resizable native header. v0.9.1
  • 1/19/2007 - Cleaned up API preparing for API freeze in M5.
  • 12/19/2006 - Maintanence release. Version 0.8.2. See history for details.
  • 12/14/2006 - Initial release. Version 0.8.1

Please note: The CompositeTable widget is still under active development. The code is made available in a BETA state. Users should expect changes in future versions.

Having said this, CompositeTable is currently successfully deployed in a five million line mission-critical enterprise RCP application.


Update History (like release notes)

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