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Re: [wtp-dev] Proposal for an early 3.0.3 - it's official

The PMC decided today that this early WTP 3.0.3 is well and good, and WTP 3.0.4 will be in February.

The main dates are below. As far as criteria and process, we'd like to leave details up to each Project, and ask only the normal rules of "Bug fixes only, no new function and no UI changes (at least without strong justification and PMC review). All code changes should have Project Lead (or delegate) review and approval".

That last part, "PL review and approval" is also up to each project to do however they'd like ... it might literally be Project Lead review and approval, or you as a project may decide "review and approval by (certain) component leads" or the PL may decide "review and approval by one other committer on the project". We don't want to dictate the exact process, since we know you all (in each Project) know best ... we in the PMC would just like to make sure code changes for 3.0.3 are orderly, well understood, safe, and ensure a high quality maintenance release.

10/24  RC1 (PMC review starts after RC1, initially one vote)
10/31 RC2
(after RC2, two PMC votes)
11/7   RC3
(after RC3, three PMC votes)
11/14 3.0.3 Release

Important Mechanics and Triage
There is currently at least 160 bugs targeted to 3.0.3 ... which seems unrealistic ... but, that's understandable under previous plan that 3.0.3 was next February.
I suggest that each project ("product") soon create a 3.0.4 target, (or, 2.0.4, for Dali). and begin triaging bugs realistically for 3.0.3 or 3.0.4.
Even more, I recommend that bugs be untargeted unless you know for sure it is going to go into a particular release. You can use other
bugzilla mechanisms, such as the priority field, or the status whiteboard to signify things like "look at this first", instead of cluttering up the
lists with too many 3.0.3 or 3.0.4 targets.

Thanks all,

From: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To: wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 09/16/2008 02:48 PM
Subject: [wtp-dev] Proposal for an early 3.0.3

Just to keep everyone informed ....

A WTP committer has requested we have another maintenance release, before the one currently planned for February.

The PMC is considering this request since we think quality on our 3.0.x stream is still not where it should be
and since this fits in with some sponsoring adopters' requests. The WTP PMC is considering this and other possible options,
and the PMC will likely decide next week, 9/23.

So, following the normal open and transparent processes, the proposed schedule would be similar to the following.

10/24  RC1 (i.e. PMC review starts)

10/31 RC2

11/7   RC3

11/14 3.0.3 Release

If we adopt this or similar plan, our February Ganymede simultaneous release would then be WTP 3.0.4.

Comments are welcome and we'll make a formal announcement once a formal decision has been reached.

We know there is a cost associated with every maintenance release,
but are inclined to think the benefits of more frequent maintenance (in improving WTP quality) would be worth the costs.

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