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[wtp-dev] Early tester volunteers for SR1 JEE IDE?

Well, not so early, so I really do mean volunteers, since my request is so late, but if anyone has time to smoke test the final Ganymede SR1 version of JEE IDE package, that'd be great. (It has our final WTP 3.0.2, plus DTP, Mylin, etc.)

I'll check windows, but if anyone has linux or mac, that'd be especially helpful.

If I don't hear of problems by about 4:00 Eastern time I'll assume all is well. You can post responses here, or directly on epp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Otherwise, I suggest many committers may want to move to this as their main development environment, so if you see issues over the months ahead, they can be fixed for SR2 next February.


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