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[wtp-dev] weblogic 10 support update for wtp 2.0

Downloaded the most recent WTP 2.0 RC and used the bea dev2dev eclipse
update site detailed here: to
download the Weblogic-Eclipse plugin, but it only is updated through
WLS 9.2.  While I realize I could download Workshop and get 10.0
support (and actually, I already have it installed), is there some way
for me to get WLS 10.0 support for WTP 2.0, or is it not ready yet?  I
saw in a previous post: where it
says it will be ready with the WTP 2.0 GA...I guess I'm hoping that
there's something to test drive with the RC.  Is a possible
alternative for me to copy certain files from my workshop distribution
over to my Eclipse environment?  If so, which directories should I
copy over?


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