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[wtp-dev] WTP V1.5.5 RDB enhancement for Access Control Package

The RDB SQLModel Access Control Package change proposal  
- Proposal for improvements to the Authorization & Access Control package of SQLModel

is submitted for DTP in Eclipse V3.3.  Similar change proposal is currently submitted for PMC review as part of WTP V1.5.5 RDB defect enhancement.

So this can benefit WTP adopter who has not yet adopting DTP. The impact and testing have been assessed for WTP adopter - It is required to re-generate model on a extended/specialized SQLModel. To our knowledge there is no specialized model within the scope of WTP\RDB contribution. If you need assistance in term of re-generate extended/specialized model please feel free to contact us.


Der-Ping Chou
Information Management Tooling
Development Manager - Data Tools
Seattle IBM Office
tel : 1-206-587-5946 (T/L: 277-5946)
fax: 1-206-587-4415

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