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Re: [wtp-dev] weblogic 10 support update for wtp 2.0

Someone on this list might happen to know the answer, but in general it is best to ask on the
product site where you are getting the server adapter, since it is not really a WTP issue, per se.
(And, don't get me wrong .. no harm in you asking here ... just trying to direct you and future such
questions in the right direction).


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05/22/2007 10:44 AM

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[wtp-dev] weblogic 10 support update for wtp 2.0

Downloaded the most recent WTP 2.0 RC and used the bea dev2dev eclipse
update site detailed here: to
download the Weblogic-Eclipse plugin, but it only is updated through
WLS 9.2.  While I realize I could download Workshop and get 10.0
support (and actually, I already have it installed), is there some way
for me to get WLS 10.0 support for WTP 2.0, or is it not ready yet?  I
saw in a previous post: where it
says it will be ready with the WTP 2.0 GA...I guess I'm hoping that
there's something to test drive with the RC.  Is a possible
alternative for me to copy certain files from my workshop distribution
over to my Eclipse environment?  If so, which directories should I
copy over?

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