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[wtp-dev] Loading workspace with latest WTP project map is not working

We're trying to set up an internal build of WTP 2.0RC0 and are having trouble pulling all the projects into the workspace using the map file.
We began by using Eclipse 3.3M7 with all prerequisites as specified on the dependencies page.  We loaded up the latest releng tools plugin from the Eclipse platform (  We then pulled the
the RC0 map file here:
When we load the projects from the map, everything proceeds along fine until we receive the following error from CVS in the form of an error dialog:
Could not connect to
I/O exception occurred:
CreateProcess: ssh -l anonymouse http cvs server error=2
It appears the issue is that the releng tools don't understand non-CVS entries of the form:
I base that on the error message and the fact that Eclipse tries to create a CVS repository location with 'http' as the server name.
I checked the documentation on checking out WTP ( and the map file still seems to be the recommended practice.
So, given all that, what do we "not know" or are "doing wrong" that causes the import to fail?
All help appreciated.

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