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[wtp-dev] IBuild Declared I20050513 Fri, 13 May 2005 -- 07:02 (-0400)

Its noon -- on unlucky Friday the 13th -- and I've heard no requests for a re-spin of I-build.
Normally we'd insist since it has failing JUnit tests ... apparently the fixes Gorkem and
Lawrence made didn't quite fix the problems (or weren't released, or something) ... but since
they have previously commented that the failures are due to problems with the tests, not the function,
I'll assume the best and not hold up further development or releases to CVS... this time :)

Thanks everyone.

>The newly added geronimo server adapter is actually generic server
>adapter underneath. The failure in the generic server tests is due to
>this change in the number of generic server definitions in the the
>build. I will fix my test for the next scheduled I-Build.
>Gorkem Ercan

> The XML validation test failures are due to a problem with the test suite.
> I've fixed the XML validation tests and released the change.
>  Lawrence Mandel

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