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[wtp-dev] WTP M4 I Build: Publish and Server launch (order of APIs getting called)

Hi Tim,


I’m not sure if these were discussed already.


1)       I’m finding that during “Run on Server”, publish APIs are getting called before the server launch (or start) API is called. Considering that our requirements for the publish activity are dependent on the server being up completely, I turned off the option of “Automatically publish before starting the server” in the preferences page. However, after this, the publish doesn’t get called at all, the server starts up and my test client comes up. Is this the intended behavior or am I missing something?


Is there a way I can make sure that during “Run on server” the order in which APIs are called are – server start, publish, and then test client launch. With the current behavior, the test client coming up without     publish happening is unintuitive for the user.


2)       Manual option for publish on a component is only exposed via the server (which potentially has multiple components attached). Would it make sense to have the publish option on an individual component in order to facilitate easier iterative deployment?




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