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RE: [wtp-dev] flexible project & server api changes - please review

I'll echo what others have said in that this looks like a good design with worrisome timing, particularly for the Web services component, since much of it sits on top of the J2EE and Server components. Here is a brief summary of the impact and related concerns:

Web service tools make extensive use of the API related to IRuntime and IRuntimeType for defaulting and validation of component and server/server type selection in the Web service/client wizards/pop-up actions. We're currently using these API to do things like:
1.  given a component, get a list of valid server types that component could be associated with
2.  given a server/server type, determine whether is supports a particular J2EE version
3.  given a server/server type, determine if it supports EAR association.
With the removal of the runtime target API, as we know it today, we would require new utilities to help us answer us these (and related) questions using features.
The webserviceRuntime extension point, which is at the heart of the wizard framework, would have to be revamped in order to identify module types and version numbers using features. Even if we left the extension XML the same, the code that reads/interprets it would still have to made feature-aware in order to make use of feature based utilities and APIs.

Also, Web service tools would be affected by any modifications to the mechanisms used to programmatically create flexible projects and components within them. I guess it's not clear to me from the proposed design how or if existing operations like WebComponentCreationOperation, etc. will be affected.

The main concern lies with timing. The J2EE and Server component work for supporting features needs to be mostly complete and relatively stable before Web services work can begin, which, depending on the final dates, could leave us with very little time, adding to the risk of quality and stability problems in this component in M5.

Rupam Kuehner
IBM Rational Software
phone: 905.413.3859

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