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[wtp-dev] Bugzilla triage (attempt)

Just FYI .... over the weekend, I tried to "triage" some bugs that were assigned to the
general/generic wtp-dev component in bugzilla and re-assign them to the specific
component they were concerned with (if concerned with specific component).

I probably made some errors (since just going off abstract) and assigned some
to the wrong component ... but I think that's ok since component leads will at least
need to triage and re-assign to correct component (instead of letting it languish
in general list, unnoticed by correct component).

But, if I assigned to specific component and wtp-dev really is the right component --  
that is, its spans several components, or is a "project wide" issue,
then its ok to reassign back to wtp-dev, but I'd ask its summary to be
edited to make clear (to me) that its a project wide issue.

And, I definitely made some errors in assigning to more specific component
I accidentally caused some "assigned owners" to be reset to the component's
inbox. This was a bugzilla mistake on my part, completely unintentional, and
while I've tried to correct those I could find, I might still be missing some, so,
component owners, apologies, and please check for correct owners
as you triage your lists this week. (The rule is, I believe, to leave as
'inbox' until some specific  person has been assigned to work on it,
and its state to be changed to 'assigned', once that person has
actually began work on it.)


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