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[wtp-dev] Bug fixes for wst.server


FYI, the following bug fixes are being dropped to the I build for the wst.server and wst.internet components.

92401 P1 API Cleanup
        This bug has already been dropped to the builds and is just being included here for completeness. It contains some last minute API cleanup from last week.
92540 P1 Push task execution and publishing control down to server
        This bug pushes down some existing logic for publishing and executing publish tasks to the server delegate so that it can be overridden by server adapters.
92521 P2 NPEs in ServerPublishInfo
        Fixing a couple NPEs that were just reported.
92492 P2 Don't open Web browser if the server doesn't start
        If there is a problem with (e.g.) starting the server during Run on Server, the browser still attempts to connect with the server. 1 line fix.
81633 P2 Provide support for JavaDoc attachments to classpath container
        Without this change, user modification to the javadoc attachments in the Java build path are lost. Source attachment support was already available so this just involved storing an additional attribute.
89231 P2 Clear button of TCP/IP Monitor view does not work correctly
        During API refactoring a single line went missing that clears the TCP/IP view. 1 line fix.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
(905) 413-3503  (tieline 969)

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